The rainy season often makes most homeowners scrambling. That is because the roof of the house often leaks so make trouble even making the house a mess. Unfortunately, most of the people still use conventional methods such as using a rug, mortar, and zinc to patch the leak in his house. In fact, the conventional way as it has many drawbacks. In addition, its aesthetic value is also very minimal. It takes a more practical solution and aesthetic to overcome the leaky roof while maintaining the beauty of the house. That is why you need to visit because they will give you the best service and result.

Before completing the roof leakage problems, it helps us know in advance what caused the roof to leak. Typically, this leakage is caused by the following things.

– The position of the tile that does not fit/mess
– There is a section of tile/asbestos are broken
– Mortar under broken or cracked
– Construction of a curved roof / not hold the load of the roof
– Gutters rusted zinc / perforated
– Gutters of concrete cracks