The cause of hiperidrose comes from the body’s temperature regulation system, hiperidrose tratamento  especially your sweat glands. The skin has two types of sweat glands:

– Eccrine gland Occurs on most of your body and open directly to the skin surface.

– Apocrine gland This gland develops in abundant areas of the hair follicles, such as in the armpit, groyne and groyne of your scalp. As your body temperature rises, the autonomic nervous system stimulates the glands to secrete fluid to the skin’s surface which is what cools your body because of the evaporation process.

The sweat fluid consists of water and salt (sodium chloride) and contains other trace amounts of electrolytes. Substances that help regulate fluid balance in the body as well as substances such as urea. Hyperhidrosis consists of two types, depending on the cause, including:

– Focal Hyperhidrosis Focal hyperhidrosis affects the palms of the hands, feet and sometimes the armpits. This usually happens when you’re awake.

– Generalized hyperhidrosis This type of hyperhidrosis affects most areas of the body.