Which parents do not want their children to grow with a healthy course with a smart brain is also the rapid development of the brain? Because of course if the child has excelled in one field, of course, will be able to make the parents amazed and proud. Therefore guidance from parents and even types of multivitamin and mineral for the child’s brain becomes an important thing in helping the child’s brain development process. Although some of the parents believe that a child’s gift is a natural inheritance from his or her own parents, it does not become something wrong with the opinion, but of course, the ability or talent will be more optimal if you support it since your child Early age. So the age of children who are still 0 to 3 years is in need of support in optimising the ability of the baby’s brain and to develop your baby’s brain intelligence. One way that can and may indeed have been a parent’s obligation in regulating the nutritional needs that can support the child’s brain development. However, not infrequently there are many parents who are less concerned about these nutrients.

Then how should parents train children’s brain development? Children should be in practice to grow brain growth since early because at an early age children begin to respond and can always do what the example of his own parents. Remember, the golden age of the child will not last long, so naturally parents pay full attention to your child. Moreover, brain function is an organ that is very important not only for children but for all humans who exist the world, because with the performance of the brain so that we are able to wink, moving it all because of the stimulation of the brain nerves. Genetic and also intake and nutrition of incoming foods is one of the roles in brain development of children, but in addition, daily child interaction, physical activity, affection and daily experience is also a role that is also important in helping the brain development of children. Because indeed in addition to internal factors, external factors from the environment were very influential. It is also important to encourage interactive activities that will help the child’s brain development.