Carpet is one of the elements of the interior that has many benefits. Soft texture makes this floor covering feels comfortable, can warm the soles of the feet, and be able to beautify the interior space through the appearance of motifs and colors. That is why carpets become one of the important elements in a space. Choosing a carpet at a glance looks easy and trivial. Usually, the reason to buy a carpet based on the motive and color. But did you know that there are various types of carpets where the surface of the texture is able to affect comfort when used? In addition, the size and choice of motives to be another factor you should consider before buying a carpet. The most important cleanliness, if you can not clean yourself, you can use

Every space that is in the house has the function and intensity of different activities. Therefore, first determine what space will be decorated carpet. For a room with high mobility such as living room or dining room, you should choose the type of short hairy carpet. This type of carpet is made of a combination of wool material, nylon darn prolipropilin strong and thick, so it is not easy to shrink and easy to clean. Choosing carpet colors and patterns is the most fun when buying a carpet. However, the origin of choosing just the risk of making your home interior look tacky. Customize the motive and color of the carpet with interior design space. If in the room is pretty much using the motive, either through wall finishing or pillow or sofa cover, you should choose a plain patterned carpet.

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