After marriage long enough, the passion of sex is no longer as high as when still a new bride. There are many things that cause it to be understood, such as A man who is overweight can feel his libido decreases. Some men are still interested to
Have sex but due to overweight performance on the bed weakened. This weight condition also makes a man become not confident, thus making depress and lack of sex drive. Men do not want to make love to his wife because he is having an affair. When a man has had ‘another lover’, then he no longer interested to touch his wife. Usually, they already get what is wanted from the affair so that when with the wife to be cold. Depressed conditions such as stress or depression make men lose sex drive. Usually, these conditions occur when your partner has problems with work or financial problems. The loss of desire to make love can be caused because your husband worked too hard and pursued many deadline tasks. Fatigue and anxiety can disrupt the focus of men in the affairs of sex. When this condition occurs, it is very important to make it comfortable by not invite him to make love first. Usually, this kind of problem creates a spark of commotion inside the household, and to keep it in harmony the household must be saved with Trimix Injections.

The starting dose of Trimix injection should be from 0.05cc to 0.2cc which should depend on the level of erectile dysfunction of the patient. The initial dose remains low to avoid prolonged erections, so you should not be discouraged if you get bad results in your first few attempts. Avoid accusing her sexual passion of being lost because of you, or because there are other women. Attitudes like that will only increase the pressure on him and make the problem worse. Sometimes, bedtime rest for a while can be the solution. The lack of sexual arousal can be an indication of the health condition in question. Did you know that the penis can be used as a barometer for men’s health as a whole? Well, if this important area disrupted its function, it is very likely this is a symptom of a more serious health problems, whether it is diabetes, prostate cancer, or impaired liver function. Although not always so, it’s good you show attention by inviting her to consult a doctor. Do not hesitate to go to wedding experts to discuss finding the best way out. If finances are a problem, talk seriously with your partner and try to offer help to find a solution.